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Jack FM falls in ratings ranking

From indystar.com:

The randomly formatted WJJK-FM (104.5), better known as "Jack," lost listeners in the shuffle. The station, which replaced the popular oldies outfit WGLD in March, fell from sixth position to 10th.

Yup, I bet Susquehannah wishes they kept Gold going. Jack's format sucks, and people are tired of it already. Not that I'm surprised. Regular readers will remember my March tirade when Jack came on the scene.

Luckily for old Gold listeners, Gold 95.9 has hit the airwaves. It's the same classic format as Gold 104.5 and most of the on-air personalities have moved over to the station. Dr. Don Riley continues to malpractice on our radio. Scott Records Roddy and his mom's tasty recelpies are back (as of Halloween day). I'm so happy!!! (Note judicious use of exclamation marks, a sure sign of sheer joy)
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